Smaller Poker Streamers

This section is for the guys who watch some of the bigger channels on twitch poker but have not yet scrolled far enough to see some of the other poker streamers out there, i’m going to go through some of the smaller streamers on twitch poker and write a piece on each. Then hopefully you’ll like what you read and give them a follow!

Benji Spragg (Spraggy)

Nationality - British
Game - Cash Games
Current Followers - 2377
Largest MTT Score - $34k
Channel Views - 57,573
Achievements - Over $130k in online winnings, 
6th UKIPT Galway for $34k

Spraggy has been playing poker for around 5 years, posting some decent results, including $130k in heads up cash winnings. Check out the full article HERE

Nationality - British
Game - Cash Games
Current Followers - 223
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 3162
Achievements - Became a member of Team Jivaro

Dodgy started streaming in early 2015 and since then even with the long breaks has built up a small community of guys that have joined “The Bankroll Grind Crew”. When he started his stream originally, he set up a cash game challenge where he starts with $60 and moves his way through the limits up to 100nl. Read the full blog HERE

Nationality - N/A
Game - Variety
Current Followers - 3041
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 56,389
Achievements - Transitioned from Live Training on PSO to Twitch.

Poker School Online is the first channel i’ve featured that is not just one streamer but a brand with lots of different guys hosting stream’s on the channel. I’ll just give a quick intro on the website before we get into the twitch stream. Poker School Online is an online training site partnered with Pokerstars that started in 2001. Read the full blog HERE

Hristivoje (All In Pav)

Nationality - Australian
Game - MTT
Current Followers - 4098
Largest MTT Score - $1.8k
Channel Views - 60,539
Achievements - 31 hour stream, Partnered on Twitch

Hristivoje is the biggest streamer i’ve featured so far in the blog, however has only recently achieved partnership on Twitch and has the talent and poker game to be up there with the likes of Staples, Tonka, and Jcarver. Read the full blog HERE

Nationality - Romanian
Game - Cash
Current Followers - 2890
Largest MTT Score - $1,400
Channel Views - 57,608
Achievements - Over $50k in profit playing micro's, Coached over 200 players in the last year.

Scrimitzu is one of the most inspiring guys ive read about on Twitch, he’s had a tough background and it’s inspiring how he got into the game, had a lot of knock backs but stuck at it and made a living.
His dream as a youngster was to be a pro basketball player, but the dream passed him by when he picked up a shock injury to his leg that took him out the game shortly after starting college. Read the full blog HERE

Nationality - Canadian
Game - Cash Games/MTT
Current Followers - 2556
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 37,361
Achievements - Became a member of Pokerstars Team Online, Made Supernova Elite in 1st year as a pro, Cash Game Superstar.

I’m sure most of you guys know about Tyler and all of his achievements, but for those who don’t i’ll just give a quick background before we start. Tyler is one of very few players to have made Supernova Elite on Pokerstars in his first year of going pro. Read full blog HERE

Nationality - Australian
Current Followers - 1094
Largest MTT Score - $1100
Channel Views - 15,415
Achievements - 48 hour stream, Became a member of Team Gripsed, Legend of the game.

The first streamer i'm going to feature is Jake Upton. Jake is one of the most dedicated and hard working streamers on Twitch, posting regular 12 hour+ streams 4 - 5 days a week. Read the full blog HERE


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