Jivaro is the newest heads up display on the market. In this article I'm going to go through some of the reasons you should be investing into Jivaro Premium, the benefits of using the software, and the player supporting the brand on Twitch Poker. Let's start with the basic and more importantly free version.


As you can see from the image above, the HUD looks clean. It's designed so it fits around your Pokerstars avatar and has a few useful stats to give you a rough idea of the playing style of your opponent. I'll just give a brief overview of the stats now for those who are not aware-

  • VPIP - Voluntarily Put Chips In Pot - This is a % of how many hands an opponent puts money in pre flop. So for example if his VPIP is 50%, he is going to be putting chips in the pot in half of the hands he gets dealt.
  • PFR - Pre Flop Raise - Similar to VPIP but this time it's how many times they come into the pot with a raise and not a limp. So if you see a player with 40/0 (VPIP/PFR) they are going to be limping all their hands and not raising, but if a player is 20/19 he will be entering the pot with a raise almost every time.
  • AFq - Aggression Frequency - This tells you the % of a players aggressive actions (betting and raising) vs passive actions (checking and calling). So if they have a high AFq % their likely to be coming in for a bet or raise more often and if the % is low your going to be seeing more checking and calling.

The Jivaro Basic HUD is great for new players looking to gain an understanding of how HUD's work. It's simple, easy to view and gives you an idea on the playing style of your opponent.

Jivaro Premium

The premium version of Jivaro is just $5.99 a month and I'm going to point out some of the reason why it's well worth the investment. Shown above is the command centre that comes with the premium version. I've given a couple of examples, one for cash games, and one for tournaments. Lets go through each one and explain what the stats mean.

Cash game HUD

The command centre for cash games gives you the benefit of seeing your profit/loss for the session, so you can keep track of your results at the table. You can see the tables overall VPIP and AFq (explained above) this will give you an idea how aggro the table is playing. You also have info on the table name/stakes/players.

Tournament HUD

This in my opinion is the best upgrade from the premium HUD. It allows you to see all the tournament information without having to look at the lobby. You can see your position in the tournament and how many players remain. The largest, average, and smallest stack in the tournament. Then there are the payouts, you can see your current payout, the next pay jump, and that all important first prize.

Another benefit of the premium version is the stats for each street. You can view villains stats on flop/turn/river individually, giving you a better understanding of how players are going to react on every street. You can also see pot odds in different situations in real time helping you decide if you have the right odds to call.

The premium version of Jivaro is the cheapest in depth HUD on the market right now and if you are looking for a good value, easy to use HUD this is the one for you. You can find details of how to sign up to Jivaro and upgrade to premium via the link in the picture below.

Hand Replayer/Community

This feature is available on both the free and premium versions. The replayer you can see on the right is the basic version, you won't see the ads or the premium link of the premium version of the software. From here you can easily see which hands you have played and the size of the pot in each. From there you are able to upload the hand online to be reviewed by the Jivaro community. This is a great feature where you can really improve your game alongside some of your fellow Jivaro users.
Jivaro's Hand Replayer

If your still not sure hoe it all works you can check out this tutorial video made by popular Twitch streamer Jaime Staples.

Team Jivaro on Twitch

There are a lot of guys supporting the brand of Jivaro. None more than these streamers on Twitch who are using the premium version of Jivaro on their streams and getting new people to sign up to the community. 


There's some big names in here you may recognise, like Daniel Mar, Elky, Jeff Gross, Rust Rock and one of my featured streamers Bankroll Grind. 

Make sure you check these guys out if you want to see how the HUD works in live play. 


Jivaro is an easy to use, slick piece of software that is great for guys starting out at the game that have never used a HUD before, and the premium version is good for the more experienced players. The thing that sets Jivaro apart from HM2 and PT4 is the fact that you don't need a super fast pc to run the software. It takes up relatively little space and is good for streamers who have a lot of programs running at once as they grind. 

The premium version of the software offers very good value and the community aspect is great, so if your interested in signing up and trying out the site you can do that HERE.


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