Monday, 11 April 2016


Benji Spragg (Spraggy)

Nationality - British
Game - Cash Games
Current Followers - 2377
Largest MTT Score - $34k
Channel Views - 57,573
Achievements - Over $130k in online winnings, 
6th UKIPT Galway for $34k


Spraggy has been playing poker for around 5 years, posting some decent results, including $130k in heads up cash winnings, proven in the graph below.

Another big achievement for Spraggy was in his favourite game of them all........tournaments! He made a very nice run at UKIPT Galway back in 2013, finishing 6th for 30k Euro's ($34k). You can read how the glorious bust out hand went down from the article at Pokernews HERE

Basically this guy has made a lot of money playing poker and has of course invested that money wisely.

This wonderful looking arcade machine was "great fun for the first week and then never played again" Money well spent indeed.

In fairness he has made some decent investments too.

Bankroll Challenge

Spraggy recently has started streaming on the platform we know as Twitch. He has set himself a challenge to go from $100 at 5nl moving through the stakes, using a 20 buy in BRM, all the way up to the highest stakes available!

Spraggy's setup
The challenge started off really well moving through 5nl/10nl/16nl pretty fast and grinding up to $900. He recently has hit a brick wall of variance though dropping around $400 in the last week or so. So all you math wizards out there will recognise he has $500 left to work with and plans to move down to 16nl if he drops below $320.

Lets hope he can find his form again and we can see him in the 50nl streets soon. 

The Community

One of the best perks of Spraggy's stream is what he offers for subs. In my opinion it is one of the most valuable offers you can get on Twitch Poker and is a must if you want to improve and make more money. 

When you sub to Spraggy's stream you get invited to join his Discord sub group "Spraggy's Subs" In here you can post as many hands as you wish for review and have them analysed by some of the best high stakes players online.

One of those being George Turner who stacked Doug Polk live on his stream! 

So for just $4.99 a month you have access to this group and also some wonderful sub emotes like the hog, the warbs and much more!

Spraggy also offers private coaching to his viewers for $30 an hour. I have personally invested in a couple of sessions myself and can tell you it's well worth the money.

The Stream

Spraggy streams 4 days a week and his schedule is as follows - 

Now, where to start with Spraggy's stream, this guy has probably the funniest personality on Twitch Poker right now. He connects with his viewers really well and offers some great rewards for his loyal viewers, and he's pretty good at poker. 

If that's not enough of a reason to check him out I don't know what is. If you like cash games and enjoy Twitch Poker there is no excuse not to check this guy out!

"Let's make Twitch Poker great again boys"

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