Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bankroll Grind

Nationality - British
Game - Cash Games
Current Followers - 223
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 3162
Achievements - Became a member of Team Jivaro

Dodgy started streaming in early 2015 and since then even with the long breaks has built up a small community of guys that have joined “The Bankroll Grind Crew”. When he started his stream originally, he set up a cash game challenge where he starts with $60 and moves his way through the limits up to 100nl. In his original challenge he grinded the $60 up to over $200 before taking a long break from streaming due to health issues. 1 year on though Dodgy is back and ready to crush it again, let’s check out some of the great features his stream has to offer.

The Bankroll Grind Crew

The best aspect in my opinion of The Bankroll Grind is the community he has built over the time he has been streaming. I am personally a member of the crew and have been from the early days of the stream, there have been some great benefits from joining the crew, personally I have been able to talk to a lot of players better than myself, learnt a lot and improved my game. I have met some real good loyal guys who will support you when it’s all not going so well on the tables. The group we currently have has a couple good MTT players, a high stakes PLO player, and some reg's on the cash circuit. So there’s a good variety of guys in there playing all different stakes and games.
All you have to do to join the crew is follow the stream, make a small donation to the stream, and you’re in!

The Cash Challenge

Dodgy is running an on stream bankroll challenge starting at $60 and moving up every time he has 30 buy in’s for the next stake (5nl - $150, 10nl - $300 etc). His goal is to be a winning player at 100nl and potentially moving even further up in stakes with a 50 buy in strategy for 200nl and 400nl.

Dodgy plays 2 tables on stream and is currently at $63.93. So still a long way to go til we can potentially see Dodgy at the 5nl tables but with a bit of run good at the stakes I'm sure we’ll see that bankroll moving up fast very soon.


I did a short interview with Dodgy to get an insight into his ambitions for the stream, and what he enjoys about streaming that keeps him loading up OBS every day.

What part of streaming poker on Twitch do you enjoy most?

I enjoy the interaction with other poker players that are maybe better than myself. I enjoy learning new strategies from these players and from that, I hope people watching can learn something too.

Dodgy's Sick Setup
Do you think you sacrifice value when streaming with all the distractions?

I do lose value playing on stream, if I was off stream I can play more tables and make more money, but I prefer to play 2 tables on stream so people watching can keep up with the action, and 2 tables is good for me to be able to focus on poker and the stream.

What are your long term goals for the stream?

The first one is to get twitch partnership, develop the bankroll grind crew, and bettering myself as a player. Poker wise it is to have a comfortable roll and be beating 100nl cash games.

What it is you offer that keeps the same guys coming back and watching you stream every day?

What’s different is it’s not just you watching me its the viewers being interactive. If you watch some of the higher stakes players you watch to learn. Here it’s about building a community where I and others can learn and show that someone has gone from 2nl, moved up in stakes and got better as a player.

The Bankroll Grind Stream

Dodgy is a fantastic streamer on Twitch, he interacts well with his viewers, inputs some good strategy when playing hands and has admirable ambitions for the stream. That coupled with “The Crew” and the community we have, I believe this puts Dodgy up there with some of the most enjoyable streams to watch on Twitch.

Link to Dodgy's Channel - HERE

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Nationality - N/A
Game - Variety
Current Followers - 3041
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 56,389
Achievements - Transitioned from Live Training on PSO to Twitch.

Poker School Online is the first channel i’ve featured that is not just one streamer but a brand with lots of different guys hosting stream’s on the channel. I’ll just give a quick intro on the website before we get into the twitch stream. Poker School Online is an online training site partnered with Pokerstars that started in 2001. The site has a whole host of great features for new players including training video’s, strategy articles, a poker forum, freeroll tickets and loads more. The poker school is a great tool for new players trying to learn the game or if you know the game and are looking to improve they have some great strategy videos by the likes of Nanonoko, Andre Coimbra, Xflixx, Ike Haxton and more!

Get to know more about PSO with this welcome video.

If you're looking for variety on a poker stream, PSO is first-rate.Hosted by a variety of Team Pokerstars Online players and coaches it is a channel that throws out some great content and helpful advice. Here are the names you are likely to see when heading over to check out the PSO channel -

  • Dave "TheLangolier" Roemer         Live Trainer
  • Ross "Rossy999" Jarvis                   Live Trainer
  • Andre "Acoimbra" Coimbra            Team Pokerstars Online
  • Katerina "Katerina289" Malasidou  Team Pokerstars Online
  • Tyler "Frosty012" Frost                  Team Pokerstars Online
  • Adrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome    Team Pokerstars Online
  • Randy "Nanonoko" Lew                  Team Pokerstars Online
  • Felix "Xflixx" Schneiders                Team Pokerstars Online

The two live trainers are the guys you will usually see on the channel with a Team Online player hosting a special stream once every couple weeks. Lango and Ross usually host a stream 2 - 3 times a week between them with hand review session’s, home games, mixed games, and live tournament sweats. 

PSO is a great go to stream for educational value, the live trainers that broadcast hand reviews and live play have been playing poker/streaming poker for years, starting out when PSO had their own live training sessions over on the site. With this experience in both casting and poker the content is well worth checking out.

Langolier Streaming on Twitch.
If you are relatively new to the game of poker you will for sure love PSO. They have great strategy for all different levels from very beginner to higher stakes, they offer great rewards on the site like tournament tickets and sign up bonuses. The stream is always broadcasting different games that fit all player levels and explain their thought processes in a way that’s easy to understand. 
PSO really deserve some credit for the work they do in offering tons of free content and helping guys that are new to the game learn the basics and have a good time. There are a variety of guys (and girls) to watch on the channel, so if your not a big fan on one of the hosts, there is always going to be someone else on the next stream that you may enjoy watching. Make sure you check out the website, Twitch channel and social media links for PSO below, you won't regret it!

Link To PSO's Channel - HERE

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Hristivoje (All In Pav)

Nationality - Australian
Game - MTT
Current Followers - 4098
Largest MTT Score - $1.8k
Channel Views - 60,539
Achievements - 31 hour stream, Partnered on Twitch

Hristivoje is the biggest streamer i’ve featured so far in the blog, however has only recently achieved partnership on Twitch and has the talent and poker game to be up there with the likes of Staples, Tonka, and Jcarver.
Pav started streaming around September of last year and in 6 months made a whole host of final tables, streamed for 31 hours with no breaks, got partnered on Twitch, developed a strange obsession with Bob Ross, and had some of the sickest beats in tournament spots i’ve seen on his famous monster cam!

F**k it, we'll do it live!
For the last 2 years Pav’s main game has been grinding out the 25nl/50nl 6 max cash games, but most recently has switched over to MTT’s and feels that what he learnt playing cash has helped his MTT game. He still grinds the 25nl zoom games on Pokerstars occasionally when he’s done with tournaments and puts out some really good content for those trying to get better at the game.

On the 12th/13th of December 2015, Pav did the unthinkable and streamed for 31 hours straight, a first on Twitch Poker. This included a half time jump in the pool live on stream! Pav was such a boss throughout continuing to entertain and play good poker with fatigue and tiredness setting in he kept on going, this was a big step towards Pav’s partnership on Twitch. Just as a note this WAS the record length stream but that has since been smashed by our first featured streamer on the blog Jake Upton, I'm sure you have a 49 hour stream in you right Pav?

You're a fish kid!

This 23 year old Aussie from south Australia is an epic streamer, the kid just seems to know how to connect with the Twitch audience from the word go. It feels like every time i tune into the stream he’s either at or close to a final table, at a final table or crushing the zoom games on Stars. Lets hope now he’s got his Twitch partnership he can push on build a nice following, and start challenging the top streamers on Twitch Poker, and i’m still not ruling out that 49 hour stream Pav…….let’s see a new record! You guys should definitely check Pav out and hit him with the follow great content, great entertainment, and an awesome guy!

Link to Hristivoje's Channel - HERE

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Nationality - Romanian
Game - Cash
Current Followers - 2890
Largest MTT Score - $1,400
Channel Views - 57,608
Achievements - Over $50k in profit playing micro's, Coached over 200 players in the last year.

Scrimitzu is one of the most inspiring guys ive read about on Twitch, he’s had a tough background and it’s inspiring how he got into the game, had a lot of knock backs but stuck at it and made a living.
His dream as a youngster was to be a pro basketball player, but the dream passed him by when he picked up a shock injury to his leg that took him out the game shortly after starting college. Scrim went into a low point in his life with no other goals or ambitions to shoot for, drinking and partying a lot dumping a lot of money.
This is when poker came into Scrim’s life, he was inspired seeing Dwan run up $50 into $MILLIONS playing online. So he started off playing 2nl on Stars and ended up 24 tabling making around $450 a month. Unfortunately, before he could start building up a bigger roll and moving up in stakes he was scammed and lost basically all his bankroll leaving him with around $25 in his account.

After another tough knock Scrim hit another down point in his life getting kicked out of his home and having to find another place to stay he got down on himself but was still determined to have another go at poker. 
Scrim found a room for $80 went back to poker trying to run it up once again. 
He was so determined to succeed this time that he barely ate for 2 weeks playing a ton of poker on a diet of bread and mustard. 
The positive of this was he was winning and had managed to make $300 in 2 weeks. His big break came when a friend and fellow grinder offered him $100 to try out 10nl on 888 Poker. 
Scrim ran that up to $500 in the first week and didn't look back from there making over $1k per month playing micro stakes cash online. He never looked back and now has over $50k in profit over 2.5 million hands and incredibly that's mostly from grinding 10nl. 
His story is a great one and definately deserved to be in this article, but now i guess we should start talking about his stream.

Scrim has an incredible work rate when it comes to streaming and poker, he put in tons of hours coaching while still finding the time to stream, grind, produce more content. He has coached over 200 players in the last year and a few of those have been poker streamers you may know from Twitch. One of those is the aussie i did my first article on Jake Upton, other streamers include Hristivoje, Biggest Nacho, Olkev, MassiveGoesWild and Dapokergun who starts his stream next week. Scrim regularly shows his coaching sessions with these guys over on his Twitch channel.

He also has a website and YouTube channel called CrushTheMicros that you guys should definitely check out, he has over 70 strategy videos over on YouTube and his website has some great video’s coaching deals etc. all these and his social media links will be at the bottom of the article.

To sum it up, Scrimitzu’s is a hard working, dedicated guy that has a lot to offer in coaching and entertainment. He is great in front of a camera, always having fun on his streams and of course the educational content is just awesome. I hope he carries on broadcasting all his great coaching session’s because i know it helps my game and hopefully you guys will enjoy and learn something from them too!

Link to Scrimitzu's Channel - HERE

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Tyler Frost

Nationality - Canadian
Game - Cash Games/MTT
Current Followers - 2556
Largest MTT Score - N/A
Channel Views - 37,361
Achievements - Became a member of Pokerstars Team Online, Made Supernova Elite in 1st year as a pro, Cash Game Superstar.

I’m sure most of you guys know about Tyler and all of his achievements, but for those who don’t i’ll just give a quick background before we start. Tyler is one of very few players to have made Supernova Elite on Pokerstars in his first year of going pro. While he was grinding all these hours he was also writing very popular blog, regularly posting his results for each week which got him some well earned recognition in the poker world, which alongside his results at the tables lead to him being selected to join the Team Online roster among the likes of Ike “Holllywood” Haxton and Randy “Nanonoko” Lew.

Frosty with fellow Team Online guys Randy "nanonoko" Lew (left) George "jorj95" Lind (right)

Tyler still continues to update his blog to this day but has now branched out to arguably more popular was of connecting with viewers and decided to start up on Twitch. His streams bring in a decent viewership but nowhere near as many as he deserves with the great content Tyler is putting out. When Frosty first started on Twitch he concentrated solely on cash games, but recently is testing the waters playing MTT’s. MTT’s will normally pull in more viewers on Twitch because of the buzz of turning a small amount of money potentially into something huge. Tyler has had no “big” scores on stream to date, although he did ship the $10.50 KO on Stars but i believe he did it off stream. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of deep runs and big scores in the near future from the man himself.

One of the best features of Tyler's stream is the educational value of it. Even if he is grinding a few tables he will still go through any of your Boom Player hands when there is a break in the action or a tournament break. To have a Team Pro analyse your hand for free is great and Twitch is one of the only and no doubt the easiest platform to do this. Another great feature on the stream is the cash challenges, one of which being the ladder challenge where Frosty will start off with $2 at 2nl and every time he makes a buy in for the next level he will move up (for example when he makes $5 at 2nl he will move up to 5nl and so on) until he either busts or reaches 200nl. The challenge always makes for a good sweat when he's at 100nl trying to make that last ladder.

Throwback to when Tyler made SNE in 2011.
Tyler is dedicated to helping his viewers improve at the game and you have to respect the guy for that. Lets hope he keeps crushing those challenges and gets some nice MTT runs for us to sweat. Dont miss out on any of the action and follow the man himself over on Twitch.

Link to Tyler's Channel - HERE

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Jake Upton

Nationality - Australian
Current Followers - 1094
Largest MTT Score - $1100
Channel Views - 15,415
Achievements - 48 hour stream, Became a member of Team Gripsed, Legend of the game.

Jake after 48 Hours of Poker
The first streamer i'm going to feature is Jake Upton. Jake is one of the most dedicated and hard working streamers on Twitch, posting regular 12 hour+ streams 4 - 5 days a week. Recently putting in a record 48 hour stream and somehow managing to come out of it up $60!

I don’t know about you guys but  I couldn’t even stay awake 48 hours let alone stream and play poker while still making a profit.

Jake’s go to games are the $2.50 180 man’s and more recently the 4 max Sunday Million satellites that he has been crushing. Jake also plays a lot of the micro MTT’s on Pokerstars booking some big scores in the past including a win in the $1.35 KO on Stars for $510 a $1100 score and just a couple milly entries worth $215 each! Jake has most recently has started a bankroll challenge on ACR, where his is trying to grind up a bankroll from $0 all the way up to MILLIONS.

The Final Table Sweatband and Sunglasses

Another big achievement for Jake was recently becoming a member of Team Gripsed. I’m sure most of you reading this will know who Gripsed is through either watching Youtube videos or streaming on Twitch. Basically, he’s a big deal in the online poker world and he's been acquiring some smaller streamers to join his stream team, one of those being Jake. Just want to quickly shout out Gripsed for supporting these smaller streamers and helping them gain popularity!

Not only is Jake a hard working, committed streamer, he also has a fun personality, he always remains positive throughout his stream and seems to have no fatigue as he grind out these super long sessions 5 days a week. His DJ sets are always "EPIC" and i love the iconic sweatband and sunglasses routine for all his final tables. I hope to see more from Jake in the future including some final tables to get the hype train rolling and bring in some well deserved viewership. Lets get this Aussie partnered people!

The "I just made the money" face
Link to Jakes Channel - HERE

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